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Spanish to English: Legal / General Contract

Spanish source text

English translation
During the term of and subsequent to this contract the worker may not communicate to any person outside the Firm, subsidiaries, associates or any other Group firm, any of the secrets, processes, methods, general information and that relating to the analysis, research on companies and all that relating to customer relationships, deals done by the company, commercial or industrial data, know-how relating to the businesses or finances of the Company, subsidiaries or associates or any Group firm or of its clients and that is known to him/her as a result of his/her work therein, as well as not disclose information about the Company, subsidiaries or associates or any Group firm relating to any matter than may profit third parties.

It is expressly stated that all the documents and papers drawn up by the worker or on his/her instructions in connection with the business activities of the Firm, subsidiaries or associates or any Group firm and/or their clients, shall be and shall continue to be its property, being required to return them upon request and, in any event, when this contract is terminated.

A breach of this Clause may result in the Firm bringing a legal claim for damages caused, notwithstanding any other consequences that may result during the course of the contract, as a result of this breach being deemed to be gross misconduct, meriting the strongest disciplinary action.

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