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French to English: Letter of apology to clients

French source text

English translation
Dear Sir / Madam,

We are aware that over the past number of years the company has been less than diligent about communicating with you. For this we would like to sincerely apologise. Our intention is to start sending you regular updates on the progress of ---.

We would particularly like to thank you for having kept faith with --- despite the challenges, and for having stayed true to this exciting venture. It is because we share this belief that we have decided to commit ourselves fully, both financially and on a personal level.

You are no doubt aware that --- has undergone substantial changes of late both in terms of its shareholders and management. On ---, --- and I took a --- interest in ---, and are thus working side-by-side with management from the ---.

---, who has spent his career working on major public works and civil engineering projects, primarily in Africa, decided to lend his broad expertise and reputation to this wonderful project. Having owned a villa at --- from the very outset, he now has an active managerial role and has set his sights on putting the management of the project back on track. --- takes over as Executive Vice President.

Given my role in dreaming up and launching this development, I am thrilled to once again be playing a part. Thanks to my experience in financing projects like this Iím well-placed to arrange the necessary financing and legal solutions, and ensure that building and marketing work goes hand-in-hand.

Backed by ---, our initial goal is to complete the first phase of --- and, in parallel, we are working on the plans for the second phase. The new proposals will be presented by end-2011.

We should not forget the warm welcome and extraordinary support offered by the --- to --- from the start. Despite the economic difficulties, we can be certain of the support of the --- authorities with smoothing out the obstacles that inevitably arise in the course of such a major project.

Your part in the success of this project will be key and we would like to have you on board. This represents a major commitment on our part and we would ask you to stand by us to share in our efforts and our success.

Chairman of ---

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